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My mission is to bring scientific insights to fitness enthusiasts, to make sure their hard work in the gym actually pays off. Stijn_rendered_portrait

Every scientific insight, be it the results of an experiment, or a discussion of past research, acts as a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle that has practical value for your journey to fitness success. However, I want to make sure this puzzle’s information is understandable and digestible.
In other words, I aim to bridge the gap between dull science and practical application. One of the ways I hope to achieve this is by using many visuals and infographics in my articles, because it’s such a powerful way to communicate science.


Why this focus on women’s fitness?


There is a shift happening in research. This shift acknowledges that women are physiologically – especially hormonally – very different from men (of course, this is common knowledge). But because of this, other principles apply to their training and nutrition. By uncovering these principles, I hope to help you attain your fitness goals.



I have a BSc degree in Kinesiology (Human Movement Sciences) and hold a NASM PT certificate. However, I don’t want to stress these too much. I would like my articles and results to speak for my credibility.

Finally, I’m proud to be part of the Bayesian Bodybuilding team. We provide data-driven, evidence-based information on fitness. We also have a Bayesian PT-course. Check us out here: http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/bay_research_team
Glad to have you on board,